Ciel Tower: A Symphony of Innovation and Sustainability from Ground to Summit

Ciel Tower: A Symphony of Innovation and Sustainability from Ground to Summit

Ciel Tower: A Symphony of Innovation and Sustainability from Ground to Summit

Ciel Tower

Ciel Tower, a groundbreaking development in Dubai Marina, stands proudly as the world’s tallest hotel, redefining architectural grandeur and engineering excellence. Beyond its towering height of 365 meters and 82 floors, Ciel Tower embodies sustainability and environmental responsibility, setting a new standard for high-rise structures.

Sustainability at the Core

Ciel Tower is a beacon of sustainable design, surpassing operational energy efficiency expectations by 30 percent compared to ASHRAE guidelines for this building type. This commitment to sustainability extends to its 12 ocean-facing gardens, each eight stories high and vertically stacked. These atrium gardens, irrigated with recycled water and naturally ventilated, serve as shared spaces fostering a sense of community and relaxation.

Innovative Design Collaboration

In collaboration with NORR Group, The First Group’s long-term architectural partner, Ciel Tower showcases innovative features, including an observation deck on the 81st floor with panoramic views and a rooftop infinity pool and bar on the 76th floor. The tower’s interior boasts a 300-meter-tall atrium with naturally ventilated terraces, providing occupants with shared and interactive spaces.

Global Recognition

Ciel Tower’s remarkable design has earned global acclaim, receiving prestigious awards such as the 2019 International Property Awards (IPAs) for Best International Hotel Architecture, Best Hotel Architecture Arabia, and Best Residential High-rise Architecture Arabia. It also secured top honors in four major categories at the 2019-2020 Dubai, Africa & Arabia Property Awards, reinforcing its status as the world’s tallest hotel.

Mada Gypsum, Building Excellence in Ciel Tower

Ciel Tower opted for Mada Gypsum based on its dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge solutions, evident in the resolution of construction challenges. Mada Gypsum’s advanced products and engineering proficiency not only enhanced the tower’s resilience, structural integrity, and aesthetics but also established a standard for high-rise projects worldwide. In the design and execution of internal and external drywall works, Mada Gypsum Company played a crucial role, providing innovative and sustainable solutions to address specific challenges:

Exterior Atrium Walls: A Challenge Conquered

One of the notable feats in the construction of Ciel Tower was the design and implementation of the Exterior Atrium walls in the Garden area. The technical team at Mada Gypsum faced a tough challenge when tasked with creating walls that were not only 10.5 meters in height but also curved in shape. The design had to account for external wind pressure, extreme weather conditions, fire safety, and acoustic considerations.

In response to these challenges, Mada Gypsum’s ProGuard glassmat external sheathing board, complemented by high-grade steel, emerged as the ideal solution. This innovative product marked a milestone in high-rise construction, as Ciel Tower became the first project to utilize Mada’s ProGuard glassmat external sheathing board. The shift from lightweight concrete panels to this advanced sheathing board showcased its versatility and suitability for complex architectural designs.

Feature Wall Design: Bridging the 21-Meter Span

The second formidable challenge encountered by the engineering team was the design of the Feature Wall, spanning an impressive 21 meters, to be affixed to the previously designed Atrium Wall. Overcoming this hurdle required ingenuity and meticulous planning. The team opted for Drywall systems, employing structural calculations and sophisticated design software to bring intricate designs and shapes to life.

The complexity of the 21-meter height posed an extreme test for the team, pushing the boundaries of what was achievable in construction and design. The successful implementation of the Feature Wall not only added aesthetic value to Ciel Tower but also underscored the importance of innovative solutions in overcoming architectural challenges.

Steel Structure Design in the Car Parking Area: Navigating Wind Pressures

The third and final challenge in the construction of Ciel Tower involved the design of the steel structure behind the Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Panels Cladding and ProGuard sheathing board in the Car Parking area. This intricate system had to withstand 1.23 KPa of wind pressure, demanding precise engineering and thorough analysis.

To meet this challenge, the engineering team utilized STADD model software for panel analysis, displaying the pressure on each point of the board. The result was a meticulously designed steel structure that not only provided structural integrity but also showcased the power of cutting-edge technology in ensuring the resilience of high-rise constructions

Partitions and Ceiling Solutions for Interiors.

Mada Gypsum Company played a pivotal role in elevating the interior quality of Ciel Tower by supplying advanced plasterboard-based solutions for its walls and ceilings. The integration of Mada’s plasterboard-based solutions not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the interior spaces but also fortified the tower’s commitment to sustainability, durability, and adherence to stringent building codes and certifications. The plasterboard-based solutions provided by Mada Gypsum offer a sustainable solution, contributing to the overall eco-friendly profile of Ciel Tower. Its durability ensures a long-lasting and resilient interior, while the compliance with building codes and certifications underscores the tower’s commitment to meeting the highest industry standards. In choosing Mada Gypsum’s Solutions, Ciel Tower not only achieved a sophisticated and visually appealing interior but also embraced a solution that aligns with modern construction ideals, emphasizing sustainability, durability, and regulatory compliance.

Ciel Tower stands not only as an architectural marvel but also as a testament to Dubai’s pioneering spirit in design and construction. The collaboration with Mada Gypsum Company underscores the tower’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions, sustainability, and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in high-rise construction. As Ciel Tower continues to reach new heights, it stands as an iconic symbol, setting the benchmark for future high-rise projects worldwide and a testament to BUILDING EXCELLENCE.

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