The constraints and opportunities of the location, the climate, the nearby amenities, the budget, and the technology available all have an impact on hospital design. Regardless of location, size, services, hospitals share the following characteristics:

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness
An effective hospital layout should encourage staff efficiency by reducing the distance that staff must travel between frequently used spaces; allow for visual patient supervision; make efficient use of multipurpose spaces; and, whenever possible, consolidate spaces.

Flexibility and Expandability
Hospitals should be open-ended with well-planned directions for future extension, employ generic room sizes and layouts to the greatest extent feasible, and use modular, conveniently accessible, and easily modifiable mechanical and electrical systems.

Therapeutic Environment
A hospital should be perceived as welcoming, relaxing, and unthreatening by patients and visitors. The attempt to create a therapeutic atmosphere includes a significant contribution from the interior designer.

Cleanliness and Sanitation
Hospitals must be simple to maintain and clean. To eliminate dirt-attracting and difficult-to-clean cracks and joints, meticulous detailing of elements like doorframes, casework, and finish transitions is used, as well as enough and strategically placed housekeeping spaces.

Guidance such as The Disabilities Act should be followed in all locations, both inside and out. This includes making sure that gradients are level enough to allow for simple movement and that walkways and hallways are large enough to accommodate two wheelchairs.

Safety and Emergency Response
Safety and Emergency Response must be incorporated into the design of hospitals to assure the safety of patients, personnel, hospital property and assets (including pharmaceuticals), as well as a hospital’s vulnerability.

Hospitals have a big influence on the neighborhood’s economy and ecology. They generate a lot of garbage and require a lot of energy and water. Because of this, hospitals must be designed and built with sustainability in mind.

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