Sustainable, safer, comfortable, lighter, durable, and aesthetically appealing systems are essential to modern residential sector. Mada Gypsum Company offers tested and certified wall and ceiling solutions in compliance with building codes while delivering high levels of performance for functional building needs in multi-family complexes.
The following factors are considered while designing residential buildings:

Safety and Emergency Response
Safety and Emergency Response must be considered to ensure both the perceived safety and the actual safety of the owners or tenants, property, and assets, as well as the vulnerability of the space.

Acoustic Performance
The control of sound in residential units is essential for the tenants’ comfort and privacy.

Waterproofing is necessary to prevent water from penetrating the building and is done in stages and layers so that the building has many barriers.

Mold and Moisture
Mold and moisture pose health risks. Proper waterproofing and the utilization of materials that resist moisture and mold formation are critical for residential buildings.

Aesthetic look
Design and look are critical in establishing a high-quality interior atmosphere that provides the comfort and warmth of home.

For residential buildings, it is critical to use durable materials to prevent the inconvenience and cost of frequent maintenance.

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