Mada System Book

In presenting to the professional construction community the overview of Mada Drywall systems .this book will provide to all interested parties - namely Architects ,Developers, Designers, Specifiers, Contractors and Installers a detailed overview and data of the individual Mada construction systems.

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Q: Should I wear a hard hat (helmet) when installing Mada systems?Q: Do I need the respirator when cutting/formatting Mada boards?

Q: How should I lift and carry Mada boards?

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Q: Can Mada materials be substituted with competitor product?Q: What is the fire resistance of Mada plasterboard?

Q: What board should be used in wet areas?

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Q: How do I build a fire-rated partition where access is limited to one side only?Q: How do I acoustically upgrade an existing masonry wall?

Q: What is the maximum height for wall lining system?

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Q: Should I fix the plasterboard sheets vertically or horizontally?Q: What type and length of the screw should I use?

Q: How far do I drive the screws into plasterboard?

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