Mada Plus Drywall Systems

Drywall partitions are more than just a physical barrier. They are supposed to perform and array of functions ranging from fire, acoustics, impact, mold resistance and structural surety.

Mada Plus Drywall systems are purposely designed to satisfy aforementioned range of projects requirements to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the client.

Each component of Mada Plus Drywall systems are thoroughly tested and system performance substantiated by internationally accredited 3rd party testing and certification agencies. The advantage of acquiring all components of a complete system from a single source (Closed system) guarantees the effectives of the system and ensures the performance as per the project specification.

The performance values declared in Mada documentation applies only when Mada approved components are used. In addition, Mada Plus Drywall systems should be installed in conformity with Mada installation rules as published in Mada Installation Manual.

System Selector

Mada e-selector is fast and easy tool that will assist you in selecting the most appropriate Mada Plus Drywall System for your application.

You just enter the criteria for your project requirements .Mada e-Selector will then search through Mada database and return the list of Mada systems that match your entered specification. You can then select a system from the list and download the respective Technical Data Sheet.

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