Customer Awards Ceremony 2016

In the celebration of year end event, Mada Gypsum Company has carried the awards ceremony to our customers in Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Riyadh, Doha & Dubai to express their appreciation for the continued loyal partnership with Mada Gypsum Company.

Where high management of customers: Mr. Wael Chehab, general manager of Roots group, Mr.Hadi Bekdash, Executive Director of Building Products Company, Mr.Pervaiz Akhtar, general manager of Dar Al-Hani , Mr. Abdullah Al-Zahrani, general manager of Durrat Al-Huda , Mr.Mohammad Bamardouf, general manager of Stars Decoration , Mr. Renato Zimmerman, general manager of Al Arabi , Mr. Abdullah Ba Abdullah, general manager of Al-Khalijiya Company, Mr. Kashif Shamsi, branch manager of Ibrahim Al-khowaitem attended the ceremony at Elaf Jeddah hotel.

Mr.Saqib Altaf, country manager of Unitech, Mr. Wael Khashouq , general manager of ATCO, Mr.Khalid Khan, general manager of Binex, Mr. Nazih Enati , general manager of Spacemaker , Mr. MOOSA AL Aali , general manager of SIMAT , Mr.Saeed  Al-Hashim, CEO of Gyptech, Mr. Farooq Kindokafeel, sales manager of KSO ,Mr. Adnan Bin Mahfouz, CEO of  and high management from Red Sea company attended the ceremony at Mercure Al-Khobar hotel.

Mr. Mohammad Al Qahtani, general manager of Saudi Factory Profiles, Mr. Mohammad Rajab, general manager of Al-Maghribiyah , Mr. Mohammad Kayali , general manager of Banan Al-Jazerah , Mr. Mohammad Addasi , general manager of Jawdah For Trading & Industrial Company, high management of Bin Omera  & Joannou & Paraskevaides (Saudi Arabia) Ltd.  attended the ceremony  at Holiday Inn Al Riyadh – Al Qasr.

Managing director of  S.R.R Building Material Trading LLC, Mr. Ram Kumar Thota , general manager of Total Solutions Building Material Trading LLC, Mr. Faiz Ahmed , high management of Prefab Building Industries company , managing director of Dormod Motors LLC , Mr.Mohamad Peiro , CEO of Tridel International Building Materials Trading LLC , Mr. Pawan Khanna , general manager of Mainline Building Materials LLC, Mr. Sibin Vilasan, general manager of Al Namariq Building Material Trading Company , Mr. Ramesh  Nair , Managing director of Modec Building Material Trading LLC , Mr. Nawaz Khan and high management of Spacemaker Emirates LLC attended the ceremony at Westin hotel ,Dubai.

Mada Gypsum Company did a brief visit to our customers in Qatar. Which the customers are the owner of Al-Andalus international , Mr.Tayaa Olyan , general manager of Multicon , Mr. SABER KHAN and the high management of ORASCOM & Baniyas .